Rummy Strategy – Gin

Timing and second guessing the opponents move is the greatest strategy. Rummy strategy in gin requires a player to be in deep concentration; watching every move of the opponent.

When you plan your move, you also must keep in mind that it has to be the best. By doing so, it will definitely help you win. Luck plays a very slim factor in winning. Strategy does play a very significant part.

Foreseeing the other player’s move is not impossible if you just keep yourself conscious of what he discards and what takes. However, when you are a novice and is new to the game, it is only acceptable that you play by the rules unaware of the opponents move and discards.

Rummy strategy in gin should be mastered. It is not far from impossible to achieve once you have played enough to earn the experience you need to take yourself out of the beginner stage.

Strategic play, not just in Gin variant, plays an important role in winning a great game. I started playing Gin way back and this was my favorite of all. On the other hand, it doesn’t hurt to learn another variation that piques your interest.

I’ve got cousins, who, during parties always excel in all of our games because they don’t want play any other variant except Gin. It is fairly amusing, but it pays in the long run because you develop a certain skill with thousands of repeated games. So I suggest you don’t start learning one game after the other. Choose what sparks your curiosity and muster it.