Why Is the Card Game Called Rummy?

No one knows exactly how “rummy” card game originated. Except for some theories that has been very popular and associated with the game. For a very popular amusement, it is amazing that history does not have any records of its starting point.

Here are a few theories which I am sure you have heard about after talking and asking about the game:

  1. Rum is a British slang for “queer, peculiar or odd.” It is only right to assume that maybe someone has uttered the word rum when learning the rules of the game. I know, we are assuming but, what can we do? This game is full of theories that none can actually claim true.
  2. The game is even more crazily distorted because Rum is also a name of an alcoholic drink (my favorite in fact!). Now, if you don’t know, there is a game called “rum poker.” It is also accepted as known fact that, perhaps this game is the father of all rummy card games and its variations.
  3. A number of people also believe that the game originated in Mexico. They call it “Conquian.”

In any case, theories are just theories and it will always be an assumption.  Ok, I’ll go even more crazy, others even suggest that the original name came about in a game with a glass of Rum. The loser then had to buy a whole round of rum drinks for everyone, thus, the birth of a new popular game; utterly wild? Yes! But absolutely possible too!